Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notice about Controlled Burns...

Leslie writes:

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to send everyone an email to let you all know that the Forest Service has started our dormant controlled burning season. I wanted to make the mountain bicycle trail volunteers especially aware of an up coming controlled burn that will be in and around the Lake Howard Bike Trail. This burn will happen sometime between now and Christmas. We will temporarily close the portions of the trail located on National Forest lands the day of the burn. The trail should only be closed for a day or two. As prescribed burning is affected by weather, it is difficult to give an exact date of the prescribed burn. However, I will do my best to let you know a day or two before burn.
Please pass on this information
Thank you!

Lesley M. Hodge
Natural Resource Specialist
USDA- Talladega National Forest- Shoal Creek RD
45 Highway 281
Heflin, AL 36264
256/463-5385 fax