Friday, October 17, 2008

Naming the trail...

At the most recent meeting with the Forest Service, COGS, and the city of Sylacauga, names were given to features of the trail. The first loop as you come up from the Lake Howard Trailhead has been named "Ridge Loop". The first loop on the National Forest side will be called "Lakeview Loop", the small loop above it will be "COGS loop", and finally the last loop in the long-leaf pines will be "Bill's Creek Loop". Each loop will have a color code and mileage marks. The name of the entire trail system will be decided by children in the local school system. Children will submit their trail name suggestions from which the best name will be chosen by a committee. A grand opening will be delayed until trail signs are in place. A suggestion was made that trail markers incorporate the COGS logo we used for the bike century. (see photo)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trail evolution...

reposted from

The above pictures reposted from show a machine built trail after 2 years of weather and regrowth. This illustrates how our trail will evolve over time. (Both photos are from approximately the same location and angle. Note the stump and small tree to the right of the photo)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paul, Cheryl, and I rode the upper portion of the trail this morning. He mapped it with his GPS but we also mapped Trammel Road where we came out. You can see Wednesday's map as the white. Today's ride is mapped in blue.

Status of Lake Howard Trail

The Trails Unlimited crew completed the trail tread yesterday afternoon.
We now have a complete trail that the COGS volunteers will be grooming-
removing roots, rocking crossings, and riding in. The next step is to meet
with the FS and develop a sign plan, plan for a grand opening, and
coordinate for the Pinhoti 100K Trail run.

Many thanks to TU, COGS, the City, and FS personnel who have all
contributed to meeting this goal.

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Recreation Program Manager, NFsAL
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